A mere-mortal's guide to security and privacy online – Part 3: Encrypted file transfers

February 19, 2019

Now that we have discussed securing access to vital online services in parts 1 and 2 of this series, I will turn to another common activity that does not have a straight forward security and privacy story: file transfers. Most of us need to send files that contain confidential information. These could be invoice scans that we need to send to our accountant, property or legal documents that we exchange with our lawyer or market research and sales data that we would like to share with our business partners. But how can you ensure the confidentiality of these important documents in transit and how can we minimise the risk of them being stolen whilst stored on a third party service’s servers? Let’s dive in. ... Read more

A mere-mortal's guide to security and privacy online – Part 1: Password managers

December 11, 2018

Adobe, LinkedIn, Dropbox. In the last few years, these well-known companies suffered from compromised systems, exposed user data and joined an ever-growing list of information security and privacy nightmares. Chances are your email address and password along with other personal data is part of the database dumps stolen and is easily accessible in certain corners of the internet. What can we do to mitigate the real-life effects of having our personal data exposed on the internet? In the first part of my series on personal information security, I’ll have a look at password managers. ... Read more

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